O valor das pequenas bondades

30 maio 2012

mary ann

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As pequenas bondades, pequenas cortesias, pequenas considerações, praticadas habitualmente em nossa ligação social, dão um encanto maior ao caráter
do que a exposição de grandes talentos e realizações.

M.A. Kelty

KELTY, MARY ANN (1789–1873), escritora inglesa, filha de um cirurgião irlandes, moradora de Cambridge.
Livros publicados e títulos originais em inglês:
1. ‘The Favourite of Nature,’ 1821
2. ‘The Catacombs. An Allegory. Taken from a work of the last century (by B. de Mandeville), entitled “The World Unmasked,”’ 1822
3. ‘Time of Trial; being a Brief Narrative of the Progress of the Reformation,’ 1830,
4. ‘Spiritual Fragments, selected from the Works of William Law.’
5. ‘Early Days in the Society of Friends,’ 1840
6. ‘Mamma and Mary, discoursing upon Good and Evil, in six Dialogues,’ 1840
7. ‘Fireside Philosophy, or Glimpses of Truth,’ 1842
8. ‘Memoirs of the Lives and Persecutions of Primitive Quakers,’ 1844
9. ‘Visiting my Relations,’ 1851
10. ‘Reminiscences of Thought and Feeling,’ 1852
11. ‘Waters of Comfort,’ 1856
12. ‘The Real and the Beau Ideal,’ 1860
13. ‘Eventide, a Devotional Diary for the Close of the Day,’ 1860
14. ‘Loneliness and Leisure,’ 1867
15. ‘The Solace of a Solitaire,’ 1869